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Monzo: Udon-Fed Mom

Monzo: Udon-Fed Mom
There is some debate about how to produce the best breast milk, but for Laura that discussion, at least in relation to food, comes down to a two noodle race: ramen or udon. And when the enticingly long lines of Monzo put in a creamy, uni drenched argument for udon, Ramen had no chance. I went with a more classic preparation that included some tempura fried ginger. It was all delicious. Thankfully... 

Roscoe’s with Aaron & Laurie

Roscoe's with Aaron & Laurie
Aaron and Laurie were about as gracious as hosts can be when we dropped in on them in Oahu.  We wanted to take them to something uniquely Los Angeles.  Aaron insisted on one of his favorites — Roscoe’s —  which is a Los Angeles institution born out of Harlem.  Laura thought the “sauce” (i.e. syrup) paired well with the chicken and actually pondered dessert.  We added on... 

Birthday Noodles

Birthday Noodles
For the second straight year, in what is starting to look like a new tradition, we had noodles at Tsujita for Laura’s birthday lunch. Then we went to Mr. Hoshimoto’s to see the puddles. And play on stuff… Finally, we hit Blockheads for some dessert.  Read More →

The “Marc-et” Menu at Providence

The Los Angeles food scene is about mini-mall Escoffiers scouting the city’s vast and confusing array of non-Anglophone chefs. Indo-European menus are viewed suspiciously and wait service is about as haute as you get. So it not much of a surprise that Michelin decided to ditch Los Angeles, at least for now, back in 2010. Still, Michael Cimarusti’s Providence continues to make its mark in... 

Gjelina: Jen Gormandizes

Gjelina: Jen Gormandizes
There is something about Gjelina’s brunch that brings out the best in pregnant women. Last fall, Laura whomped the menu. Today, Jen, kept this rich and savory tradition alive. Burrata with grilled nectarine, prosciutto, arugula & balsamic… done. The Moroccan baked eggs with merguez, chili, tomato sauce, cilantro & spiced yogurt… shut down. The ricotta gnocchi with brown... 

The Blue Dog: St. Patrick’s Day

The Blue Dog: St. Patrick's Day
You need a neighborhood bar, right? But, supposedly, that’s something you just accept sacrificing in the Los Angeles sprawl.  Especially, if you’re in a “remote” place like us.  Wrong! Stumble just down the road and the Blue Dog is the first place you’ll hit. How easy is that? The mission of this side-street-friendly pub says it all: “The Blue Dog Beer Tavern is... 

Cioppino: Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing

Cioppino: Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing
Bold, messy, and beautiful. Spilling over the sides of the bowl, and mounded high with seafood, this cioppino knows what it’s about and makes no excuses. We had a hunch and were rewarded: this was the perfect lunch for Laura’s 40th Birthday. Hidden under a corrugated tin roof, Phil’s Fish Market & Eatery serves freshly caught fish (right out of the waters it sits on) and an intensely... 

Fraiche: Marc, the Lil’ Man and a Truffle Burger

Fraiche: Marc, the Lil' Man and a Truffle Burger
When Marc is in town, he works hard to ensure we eat well. This last visit was no exception.  But adding a little spice to the evening’s fare was the Lil’ Man, who had his first night out. Before dinner, we met Elliot and his cousins, in from Greece, at the wedge-shaped Renaissance-revival style Culver Hotel.  The long and illustrious past of the Culver is what makes this hotel so endearing... 

Jane Makes It 40 at Cleo

Jane Makes It 40 at Cleo
This evening we celebrated Jane’s 40th Birthday at Cleo, the boho-chic Mediterranean tapas restaurant inside Hollywood’s Redbury hotel. The Birthday Party Under lofty ceilings, our party dug into chef Daniel Elmaleh’s menu, including sautéed eggplant and caramelized onions, grilled octopus, and palmfuls of flash-fried Brussels sprouts and flatbreads. Elliot took command and kept slinging... 

Gjelina: Laura (and Lil’ Man) Gormandize

Gjelina: Laura (and Lil' Man) Gormandize
Days away from the lil’ man’s birth, he and Laura expertly took apart Gelina’s brunch menu. With help from Nisi and Lou, the brunch menu never stood a chance. The Niman Ranch BLT with a sunny egg is the gold standard for breakfast sandwiches. Other menu standouts were the ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and truffle honey; and a gruyere, carmelized onion, fromage blanc &... 
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