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Ojai: Marilyn’s Birthday

On July 8-10, 2010, Denise, Laura and I took Marilyn to the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for her Birthday.  We’re not permitted to say what birthday it was, but readers can trust that it was a significant one (especially when you consider that Marilyn has not had many birthdays at all and, somehow, defying all theories of time, is purportedly younger than her kids).  Below are pictures of us around the Ojai Valley Inn property.

There’s not much action in Ojai, but we managed to keep busy.  I was tortured by the phyical trainers (below-left).  Marilyn and Denise opted for spa treatments (below-middle).  Meanwhile, Laura, upon reading in the Inn’s promotional literaturethat its Artist Cottage & Apothecary was a safe haven, got gangster on the hood (below-right).

When not occupied by our many activities, we cooled off in the pool.  Pregnant Laura enjoyed sitting under the umbrellas with her TV dinner trays (below-left).  Denise hydrated herself inside-and-out (below-middle).  And I swam under the bougainvilleas (below-right).  Marilyn, of course, was still in the spa.

Laura enjoyed the grounds of the Ojai Valley Inn, whether posing next to a cart outside our room (below-left), pausing by the fountain in front of the spa (below-middle), or picking apricots by the herb garden (below-right).

Marilyn was hypnotized by the spa treatments, but became momentarily lucid enoug to enjoy a drink by the pool (below-left), play some piano outside the restaurants (below-middle) and complete an “onerous” hike to the herb garden pool (below-right).

Denise, on the other hand, enjoyed a variety of cocktails.

Of course, it was not all treatments and exercise.  There was plenty of eating (not of the spa varietry) at the Maravilla and drinking at Jimmy’s Pub. 

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