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Mammoth: Lou and Laura’s 6th Anniversary

“Louie, you ought to come up to Mammoth.  We’ll hike and swim the lakes, drown a whole cow in cognac and cream, and bike altitudes high enough to make you feel as though you’ve peddled across a medium-sized country.”      

Adam and Sonja have taken awfully good care of us this summer, what with avocado picking at their Santa Barbara ranch and sunsets in Hermosa Beach. So, despite the dounts that we were starting to impose, we couldn’t  pass on their invitation to spend our sixth anniversary with them in Mammoth.      

We spent the day of our anniversary picnicking at June Lake. 

The kids were up to their usual tomfoolery: James climbing on top of the car with an inflatable alligator (below-left), Liam trying to show flippers can make you faster on land too (below-middle) and Gretchen trying to make it rain.    

James, Liam and Gretchen

Laura relaxes in a meadow looking out on the June Lake.     

Gretchen helps us pick through the picnic’s remains (below-left), while Adam and Clusie do some paddle surfing (below-right).     

Lou and Adam take a break from the lake, while Brandon forgoes the mountains for his “girl with the tatoo who kicked the hornets with fire” book.      

Later that night, on Laura’s emphatic suggestion, I prepare a Steak Diane anniversary meal, a decadent compound of filet mignon, cream and cognac (below).         

Anniversary dinner

The next morning Laura and Gretchen mock the ungraciously bears that viligantly safeguard the house from constant chipmunk sorties. 

Life imitates art?

We all met up for a flavorsome lunch at the Tamarack Lodge. 

Lunch at the Tamarack Lodge

Afterward, we took a leisurely walk around the shores of Twin Lakes. 

Liam, Sonja, Laura and Gretchen at Twin Lakes

 Liam pleads with Lou to throw him in the icey waters, but Loue patiently talks him out of it.     

Lou, Liam and Gretchen

Sonja and Laura luxuriate in the  serene, mountain high setting (below).  Gretchen, meanwhile, strips down and starts marking her territory.      

Sonja and Laura get crunchy with "Mother Gaia"

During the spring and summer seasons when the snow melts in the mountains, the water flows through the lakes. In the background below is Twin Falls, a spectacular cascade falling 287 ft down from Lake Mamie.     

Twin Falls Waterfall

On the way home, we made a few pleasure stops.  First, we stocked up on jerky and had a succulently dripping pastrami sandwich at the Mahogany Country Smokehouse in Bishop. A couple hours further down the road, Lou sampled some suds at the Indian Wells Brewing Company.  

Pastrami at Mahogany Country Smokehouse and Mojave Red at Indian Wells

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