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Coastal California: Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is located on the California’s Central Coast and is part of San Luis Obispo County. Unspoiled beach, sand dunes and desert surrounds this city. We visited Pismo Beach on February 3-4, 2011, as part of our Coastal California road trip in celebration of Laura’s 40th Birthday.

We walked the 1200-foot Pismo Pier, watching the sun dip below the horizon and paint in the evening sky in orange hues. We also arrived in time to view the monarch butterfly grove. These beautiful orange and black “fairy-like” creatures begin to appear in late fall and comprise California’s largest Monarch grove. Thousands cluster in the Eucalyptus trees, giving the appearance of golden leaves. And, of course, we filled up on fresh seafood, highlighted by Splash Cafe’s famous clam chowder (which can only be described as an epic battle for your tongue waged by butter and cream… you have to try it yourself to proclaim a victor).

Below is a photolog of our visit. You can click on any thumbnail to expand it and then manually cycle through all the gallery’s images and captions using the arrow buttons. Alternatively, you can click on the [show as slideshow] link below to initiate an automated slideshow of the entire gallery.

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