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Suzhou: The Cradle of Wu Culture


In the lower reaches of the Yangtze and on the shores of Lake Taihu lies the 2,500-year-old city of Suzhou, the cradle of Wu culture. The name “Wu” often applied to refer to Suzhou, derived from the local tribes who named themselves “Gou Wu” in the late Shang Dynasty about 11th century BC.


Later, King Helu of Wu State in 514 BC built his capital here known as the “Great City of Helu” and since then the city’s site and scale have remained virtually unchanged, making Suzhou a rare city of historical and cultural renown.

Tiger Hill

Talking about Suzhou, people would mention the old saying: “Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.”

River Boat on Shantang Street

We visited Suzhou on May 4, 2010, during our trip throughout Asia.

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