10 Questions: Carolina Obregon
Whether she’s trekking into the Columbia jungle to buy dirty Fresca bottles filled with aguardiente (lit: fire water), hypnotized by the dawn-hour trance beats at Alphabet City’s cramped Save the Robots, or gazing at (some say, chasing down) the aurora borealis and illuminating Helsinki’s white... 

Lambfest 2011

// Jul 16th, 2011
Lambfest 2011
Any chump with a spatula can pan fry a lamb chop. It takes a Greek family, a few sprigs of oregano and a lot of beer to spit-roast a whole animal. Fortunately for us, Elliot and Jane were able to make that happen.  Read More →

Leon’s Eighth Month

// Jul 1st, 2011
Leon's Eighth Month
Lil’ Man had a jammed social calendar during his eighth month—packed with baby showers, birthdays, pool parties, neighborhood festivals and a private concert by his favorite musician. His life is so exciting that, but for a serious literacy problem, we’d hand him over the blog.  Read More →
Into the Desert: From Marrakesh to Todos Santos
Generally, you’d not pair Moroccan salads and tagine with Mexican tequila. Unless, of course, your guests are Mike and Alexa and they bring over an iced bottle of Hotel California. This exception become even more appropriate when a tooth-aching Derek and thirsty Virginie join. Such was the case this evening. Mike... 
10 Questions: Mimi Browning
Whether it is launching an over-the-counter, bounding assault on a Subway sandwich “artist,” announcing that she has just “self-chlorinated” our pool, or contending that her dog’s “bottom burps” are an acquired smell, Mimi has a way of floating through life exactly the way a meteor doesn’t. Some... 

Spring 2011 Highlights

// Jun 20th, 2011
Spring 2011 Highlights
The backyard abloom in radiant polychromasia. Golden sunshine illuminating the blossoming plum trees. Fairykind hummingbirds breaking their winter fast, gorging on nectar from the budding Mexican sage flowerets. Oh, we got us the Spring Fever and summer is the only cure.  Read More →

First Father’s Day

// Jun 19th, 2011
First Father's Day
Our first Father’s Day with the Lil’ Man was pretty perfect: sleeping in, friends and family, delicious steak and some live music. Seriously, what more can a dad want? The Dads After seconds and then thirds of Fiby’s magnificent lunch, our friend, Jose-Luis Orozco, grabbed his axe and kicked... 
Scott & Sara Ready for Baby Z
Scott and Sara celebrated the pending birth of their son with piles of fresh tacos, a loaded margarita machine and an all around fun day by the pool. Laura hosted her own “chocolate versus vanilla cake invitational.” Lou pitched Scott’s dad on his idea to double the size of the toothpaste market... 

Leon’s Seventh Month

// Jun 1st, 2011
Leon's Seventh Month
The Lil’ Man got into his groove in month seven. Post-midnight play dates with mommy, sunrise hikes with daddy and the whole in-between for grandparents and pals.  Leon wants to experience all of life.  Right now, preferably.  And, tired as we may be, there is nothing more fun and more worthwhile than... 
Memorial Day 2011: Doing Well by Doing Good
On Memorial Day weekend 2011, Marc asked us all to join him on a philantrohpic mission to Las Vegas.  Marc had a vision and a yearning for improving lives, most notably our own. Marc and Lou at a Strategy Session Marc took the large penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel so that we could accommodate all the “at... 
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