Lil’ Man Count’s

// Aug 30th, 2012
Lil' Man Count's
Lil’ Man insists that he likes it.  Likes what? Counting, of course. But does he like it more than his A-B-C’s?  Read More →
Daddy Days: Drum Circles, Model Airplanes, Ballet Folklorico Ollin and a Garden Concert
Lil’ Man here. Today was a Daddy Day and we had quite a lot of fun.  We woke with a drum circle.  Checked out some model airplanes.  And checked out two live shows.  Frequent readers know that these days are always pretty packed with new places and exciting events, so you really need to pay attention... 

Mission Beach 2012

// Aug 17th, 2012
Mission Beach 2012
This week was time for our faithful summertime campaign to San Diego. And so, our fellow pilgrims traveled far and wide — San Francisco, New York, London and Paris—landing on Mission Beach for a few days of ritualized cavorting. The video captures the main action, but the photos, as is their bent, add on... 
What the tide brought in...
Sam and Pete enjoy a manly contest amidst the Southern California surf.  Read More →

Shabbat SoCal Style

// Aug 3rd, 2012
Shabbat SoCal Style
Why wouldn’t you want to end your week here? Maybe it is the Mossianic saga that draws us to pretty large bodies of clearly inseparable, and to be quite honest, chilly water. No matter. Our latent expectations of a miracle in the Pacific Ocean, specifically the coastline around the Palisades, is manifesting... 


// Jul 24th, 2012
Ceviche: there is no dish more befitting a summer day too hot to cook. The origin of ceviche is disputed. Possible origin sites for the dish include the western coast of north-central South America, or in Central America. Other coastal societies such as the Polynesian islands of the south Pacific are also attributed... 
Lil' Man and Sahana Go On a Date
Lucky and Sarmela came over this evening to help chaperone date night.  As shown above, things started to border on the bawdy but were, by good chance, cut short by Leon’s bedtime.  Incidentally, the chaperones were able to keep up a pretense of distraction while chowing down a Moroccan dinner of Tagine... 

Lemon Bars

// Jul 13th, 2012
Lemon Bars
The problem with working our way through a few hundred lemons by way of baking lemon bars is that the proportion of lemons to other ingredients — specifically, butter and sugar — is not  that unlike the ratio of an atom to the sun.  I mean, calling these lemon bars is no less accurate than calling a martini... 
Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives
Tagine is a Berber dish from North Africa that is named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Tagines are essentially stews of braised meats, vegetable and spices. This tagine highlights both preserved lemons and ras el hanout, a popular Moroccan blend of spices.  The dish demonstrates the... 
Harissa: North African Hot Sauce
The most important part of hot sauce is not the fact that it’s hot. That’s simple to achieve and in the extreme knocks out the taste buds. The real trick is the ability to bring the heat while changing and enhancing the character of a dish. Enter harissa: a North African fiery, garlicky chili paste... 
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